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Bibliographie : essais & mémoires

Essais & mémoires

The Edge of Impossibility: Tragic Forms in Literature1972non traduit
The Hostile Sun: The Poetry of D.H. Lawrence1973non traduit
New Heaven, New Earth: The Visionary Experience in Literature1974non traduit
The Picture of Dorian Gray: Wilde’s Parable of the Fall 1980non traduit
Contraries: Essays 1981non traduit
The Profane Art: Essays & Reviews1983non traduit
On Boxing19871988 | De la boxe
(Woman) Writer: Occasions and Opportunities1988non traduit
George Bellows: American Artist1995non traduit
They Just Went Away | 1995 non traduit
Where I've Been, And Where I'm Going: Essays, Reviews, and Prose1999 non traduit
The Faith of a Writer: Life, Craft, Art2003 2004La Foi d'un écrivain
Uncensored: Views & (Re)views2005non traduit
The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates: 1973-198220072009Journal, 1973-1982
In the Absence of Mentors/Monsters2009non traduit
In Rough Country2010non traduit
A Widow's Story: A Memoir20112011J'ai réussi à rester en vie
The Lost Landscape | 1979 non traduit